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ARCHIVED 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Effective: Summer 2019

The College will award up to 28 credit hours for demonstrated competence obtained through CLEP and experiential learning. Credits earned in this manner may not be applied toward the residency requirement, unless the student will complete at least 36 classroom credit hours at North Central.

General Exams

The General Examinations must be taken prior to earning college-level credit. Five credit hours are awarded for all of the General Examination Tests.

CLEP Examination Minimum Score NCC Equivalent(s) Remarks
College Composition     No credit is granted
Humanities 50 NCCC elective Fulfills 5 hours of humanities.
College Mathematics 50 MATH 130   Fulfills mathematics requirement.
Natural Science 50 BIOL elective Fulfills science requirement.
Social Science and History 50 NCCC elective Fulfills 5 hours of social science.

Subject Exams

Students may only receive CLEP credit in an area of study in which they have never taken college-level course work. For example, in Psychology, if a student takes  PSYC 100 - Psychology: Science of Behavior , they may not sit for the Subject exams in Educational Psychology or Human Growth and Development. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if a student takes PSYC 250 - Statistics , they may sit for the Subject exams in Introduction to Psychology, Educational Psychology and/or Human Growth and Development. Contact the Office of the Registrar with any questions about possible exceptions.

Four credit hours are awarded for all Subject Examinations unless otherwise noted. Each area of study is listed below.

CLEP Examination Minimum Score NCC Equivalent(s) Remarks


Financial Accounting 50 ACCT 201     


Biology 50 BIOL elective  

Business Law

Introductory Business Law 50 BUSN 205    


Chemistry 50 CHEM 100    


College Composition     No credit granted.
College Composition Modular     No credit granted.


Principles of Macroeconomics 50 ECON 205    
Principles of Microeconomics 50 ECON 200    

Foreign Language

College Language 50 FREN/GRMN/SPAN 101  
55 FREN/GRMN/SPAN 101 and 102  

Information Systems/Computer Science

Information Systems     No credit granted.


American Literature 50 ENGL 208    
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 50 ENGL 104  
ENGL 106  
ENGL 108  
English Literature 50 ENGL 206    


Principles of Management 50 MGMT 305    


Principles of Marketing 50 MKTG 300    


Calculus 50 MATH 151   Fulfills Quantitative Analysis requirement.
College Algebra 50 MATH elective  
Precalculus 50 MATH 140   Students may not receive for both the College Algebra and Precalculus exams.

Political Science

American Government 50 POLS 101    


Introduction to Educational Psychology 50 PSYC 205     
Introductory Psychology 50 PSYC 100    
Human Growth and Development 50 PSYC 210    


Introductory Sociology 50 SOCI 100    

United States History

History of the U.S. I 50 HIST elective    
History of the U.S. II 50 HIST elective  

Western/European History

Western Civilization I 50 HIST 101    
Western Civilization II 50 HIST 102