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ARCHIVED 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Department Chairperson: Dr. Jennifer Jackson
English Faculty

Mission Statement

The English Department trains students to read and write texts—traditional and emerging—so that they recognize and use methods and conventions of textual analysis. Students develop a variety of rhetorical and stylistic choices to strengthen their writing, drawing on disciplinary, historical, global and ethical contexts in which all acts of writing and reading can be situated.

Programs offered: English Studies

English Studies encompasses the study of language, texts, films and the world using critical tools of critical theory, rhetoric and the practice of persuasive and creative writing. English students gain a broad background in textual interpretation, literary history, creative writing, prose style and rhetoric in lower level courses. In upper level courses they are introduced to critical theory, explore particular genres, authors or topics in greater depth and study writing in a variety of specific genres such as fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Flexibility within the major offers students the opportunity to follow their own interests in their choice of upper level electives, or they may elect an upper level concentration in either literature or writing, depending upon their interests and career goals.

Practical experience in writing or journalism is required for students specializing in these areas and is available to all of our majors through various experiences as Writing Center tutors, classroom Writing Assistants, and staff for the College news organization, The Chronicle/, The Kindling humor magazine and the 30 N. literary magazine. Many of our students also pursue internships to gain practical experience in professions such as public relations, web development, publishing and new media where their skills are in demand.

Degree offered: B.A.

NOTE: ENG 115 , ENG 125  and ENG 315  may not be counted toward an English major or minor or toward the 51 credit hour maximum in the department.





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