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ARCHIVED 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, B.A.

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For additional programs and courses in this department, see Biology .

Major Requirements

At least 34 credit hours in biology, to include at least 7.5 at the 300-level. Biochemistry courses BCM 365  and BCM 465  and the neuroscience course NSC 300  may be used to fulfill these requirements.

Research Experience

Students must take at least one course which incorporates a research experience (BIO 405 , BIO 416 , BIO 430 , BIO 440  or BCM 465 ) or an independent research experience, such as summer research on- or off-campus. Subsequently, the student presents the results of the research experience to biology faculty and peers at a seminar. The required seminar, BIO 475 , is taken over three terms (not necessarily consecutive). At the beginning of the sequence, the student is an observer and questioner. During the term in which the student enrolls to make his/her seminar presentation, a total of one credit hour is awarded for the entire sequence.

Required Support Courses for the B.A. Degree

Licensure for Secondary Education in Science

Licensure for secondary education in science requires a degree in Biology, Chemistry or Physics as well as a supplemental major in Secondary Education . The B.A. degree in Biology or Chemistry is recommended for education students; in Physics, education students should choose the B.S. Teaching Track. A student will need over 120 total credit hours to complete this degree, although licensure requirements in anatomy, astronomy and geology may be met by successful completion of an exam, reducing the total number of credit hours required. Consult the Education Department Handbook for all licensure requirements.


Transfer students must take at least 11 credit hours in Biology at North Central College, and at least 7.5 of the 11 must be at the 200-level or higher.

Typical Course Sequence

During the first two years there are many logical plans for course work from which the student might select depending on individual interests and goals. More detailed plan options are available on the Biology website. The following chart summarizes a general recommended sequence.



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