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ARCHIVED 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leadership, Ethics and Values, Leadership Concentration

Completion of an interdisciplinary Ethics or Leadership Concentration allows a student to obtain a formal transcript designation with fewer courses and requirements than a full academic minor in the context of a challenging, coherent and meaningful LEV experience involving coursework and co-curricular efforts. Both concentrations consist of tightly focused collections of academic and educational co-curricular experiences in ethical or leadership analysis and application. In most cases, the courses taken to satisfy the concentration will also satisfy general education requirements. The concentrations afford our students a splendid resume credential that we believe has real significance in a wide variety of professional settings.

For additional information and courses in this program, see Leadership, Ethics and Values .

Program Requirements

Students must maintain a 'B' average in the courses taken to acquire the concentration. Requirements for the concentration come in three areas: coursework, applications and portfolio.

Two of the following:

Choose two courses from the list of courses satisfying the ACR Leadership, Ethics and Values requirement . These two courses may not be taken within the same discipline.


One of the following:

  • Service in an NCC organizational leadership position (e.g., student government, residence life staff, service trip coordinator, board member of campus ministry organization, etc.) Service in an NCC athletic leadership position (e.g., Team Captain, Member of SAAC, Member of SAM, etc.)
  • Completion of LEV 250 : Precepting, or service in some other approved academic leadership position
  • Service in an approved off-campus leadership position
  • Service as an LEV MicroLoan advisor
  • Completion of an LEV approved Verandah course involving significant leadership components
  • Completion of an LEV approved internship experience, preferably LEV 495 , involving significant leadership components.

Note: Students are encouraged to propose additional leadership applications to satisfy this component of the Leadership Concentration to the Director of the Leadership, Ethics, and Values Program.

Leadership Portfolio

The Leadership Portfolio must include all of the following:

  • Written responses to two "leadership designated" cultural events not to exceed two pages each
  • Evidence of participation in two annual leadership concentration colloquia (College Scholars may participate in two honors colloquia when approved by the Director of the Leadership, Ethics and Values Program)
  • Copies of major written work submitted in all leadership concentration required courses
  • A concluding/capstone personal statement not to exceed three pages
  • A resume
  • Completion of all requirements for either a North Central College B.S. or B.A. degree.