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ARCHIVED 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Studio Art, B.F.A

Studio art B.F.A. majors develop and master problem-solving skills and creative design thinking strategies through analysis, critique and creation of works of art. Students explore a thorough grounding in fundamental principles and techniques with opportunities for emphasis in one or more specific fine arts areas culminating in a senior art exhibition. Students wishing to explore graduate study in the future and/or a career as a professional artist are encouraged to pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts major. The department recommends connecting the major with the liberal arts and sciences by pairing their art practice with an interdisciplinary minor, study abroad, language study or a focused grouping of courses from the departments and programs offered.   

The B.F.A. is a professional program structured to provide in-depth, formal education that prepares students for entry into professional practice or advanced, professionally oriented study upon graduation. Graduates pursue professional opportunities and careers in art therapy, arts administration, education, commercial design, visual merchandizing, illustration, fine art, art entrepreneurship and art graduate studies.   

For additional programs and courses in this department, see Art and Design.

Major Requirements

Studio Art Electives

  • An additional eight credit hours in studio art at the 200-level or above

  • Eight credit hours in studio art at the 300-level or above

  • Eight credit hours in studio art at the 400-level


*Four credit hours can be fulfilled by a 400-level credited internship or independent study


*ARTD 494 ARTD 496  and ARTD 498  do not count toward the 400-level studio art courses

Additional B.F.A. Requirements

Students will submit an initial portfolio to the department when they declare the B.F.A. major or by the end of their sophomore year. Please contact the department for portfolio guidelines and submissions.  

Additional Requirements for the B.F.A Degree

Students must demonstrate elementary competence in a foreign language. For more information, see the B.F.A Degree Requirements within the Academic Regulations section of this catalog.