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ARCHIVED 2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, MBA

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Program Structure

The curriculum consists of 10 to 16 courses (30 to 48 credit hours), that balance management theory with applications in a broad spectrum of organizational settings. The program contains four coordinated and cohesive components: (1) a set of six prerequisite courses that may be fulfilled partially or completely, with a student's previous course work at the undergraduate or graduate level; (2) a common core of six courses at North Central College including a capstone experience; (3) a set of three courses in an "Area of Focus"; and (4) a single elective course taken from any graduate program. Entry into the program requires the student to have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, or to have been accepted into one of the College's five-year integrated undergraduate/graduate programs. In addition, a grade of "B-" or better must have been earned to meet a prerequisite. Students needing to take one or more prerequisites may not count these courses towards the minimum 10-course degree requirement. Students must take at least five 600-level courses to complete degree requirements. Although each student's timetable and abilities are different, it is possible to complete the program in less than two years.

Prerequisite Courses (with North Central College courses)

Course Undergraduate Course Graduate Course
Financial Accounting ACC 201 ACC 501  
Managerial Accounting ACC 202 ACC 502  
Business Law BUS 205 BUS 505  
Statistics BUS 241 BUS 541  
Economics ECN 250 & ECN 252 ECN 500 
Financial Management FIN 350 FIN 550  


* Students may choose to complete a Thesis instead of MGT 676 .

For details on the differences between these two options, consult the MBA Program Coordinator or the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Area of Focus (3 Courses, 9 Credit Hours)

A set of three courses with a common disciplinary theme. The specific courses used to complete the Area of Focus require the approval of the MBA coordinator or the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. This "set" may be a traditional area of study, including:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Management
  • International

Or it could be a unique combination of courses taken from several disciplines or non-business areas, such as:

  • Computer Science (MSCS)
  • Education (MA-Ed)
  • Leadership Studies (MLD)
  • Liberal Studies (MALS)

Students work closely with their graduate advisor to define an Area of Focus suited to their individual needs and educational aspirations.

Elective (1 Course, 3 Credit Hours)

Students round out their program with one elective course (three credit hours). These electives offer students the opportunity to extend their educational experience into new topics or to pursue additional coursework in their Area of Focus. Generally, students may choose elective courses from any of the College's seven graduate programs, provided they are approved by the MBA Coordinator. Included in the elective option is BUS 697 - Internship .  Prerequisite courses may not be used in this area.

Residency Requirement

All MBA students must complete a residency requirement of 24 credit hours. Prerequisite courses taken at North Central College do not count toward the residency requirement. Students may transfer up to six credit hours of graduate coursework from other accredited institutions. The Strategic Decision Making course (MGT 676 ) or Thesis must be completed in residence at North Central College. Two of the three "Area of Focus" courses must be completed in residence at North Central College.

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