May 27, 2024  
ARCHIVED 2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Higher Education Leadership

Program Director: Dr. Renee Kosiarek

Mission Statement

The education world is moving at a fast pace, so we are committed to delivering a unique curriculum that teaches students how to bring thoughtful change into future-thinking institutions. Our degree is designed to help students understand and lead within higher education.

Students learn about campus culture, college students and fiscal management while concurrently practicing the skills to teach, practice and apply principals of creative problem solving, conflict resolution and leadership and ethics. They are coached by a range of expert higher education leaders in creating personal and professional development plans.

Degree Features

  • Speaker Series Events - in-person or online series that focuses on your career and personal development. Faculty and higher education professionals provide training on emerging trends in higher education

  • 100% Online Curriculum - flexible courses designed to fit your busy schedule so you can keep your job while earning your degree

  • Comprehensive Curriculum - a strong curriculum that looks to the future by offering courses in trending higher education leadership topics.


Master of Arts in Higher Education Leadership